The Quebec Music Educators Association is proud to be affiliated with the Canadian Music Educators Association since 1975. Click on the following links to view pages of past QMEA journals that reflect the history of collaboration between the two associations.

Canadian Performers Chosen for World Congress, February 1978
Quebec’s Jewel, February 1978
Green Paper Response, May 1978
President’s message, June 1979
QMEA Responds to Plan D’action, September 1979
Message from CMEA, November 1979
CMEA Restructure, Fall 1980
President’s message, Spring 1981
QMEA General Meeting, Spring 1981
Music at the Centre, paper presented to CMEA National Convention Winnipeg, 05/11/1981
page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 page 7
President’s message, Summer 1981
President’s message, Fall 1981
President’s message, Summer 1982
Review of the CMEA Conference held May 13-16 1983, September 1983 Issue
Letter to M. Yves Bérubé, Ministre de l’Éducation, February 1985
For Helen, with Love, December 1985
CMEA – WANTED EDITOR, February 1986
Rosemount Musicians bound for Expo 86, April 1986
Editor’s page, June 1986
President’s message, January 1987
President’s message, April 1987
President’s message, June 1987
President’s message, October 1987

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