At the QPAT Annual Convention
November 23-24, 2006
Palais des Congrès
Friday November 24, 10h30-11h45
D 060 Room: 520-A

An Introduction to Hand Drumming and Drum Circles
Speaker: Shawn Mativetsky (Course Lecturer, Musician)

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn basic drumming techniques and participate in a drum circle. We will examine the benefits of drum circle participation including the development of musical skills such as rhythm, improvisation, and ensemble playing. In addition, we can observe non-musical benefits such as stress reduction, self-expression, confidence building, and community connection. We will also discuss facilitating, the art of leading a drum circle, as well as tips for starting your own drum program.

Some comments from participants:

  • Excellent! Something ALL students can participate in.
  • It was great that we were able to try it out! Thanks!
  • Amazing! I learned a lot and am truly inspired – Thank you!
  • Excellent introduction for a non-music specialist.

Sponsored by QMEA and Steve’s Music

Pictures of the event

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