Spring Workshop 2016: Beat Buckets and Body Beats

Beat Buckets and Body Beats Workshop Friday, April 1st, 2016 Lower Canada College Saputo auditorium and Junior School Music Room Learn how to bucket drum and how to start your own program. Learn about body percussion and how to make beats out of mundane objects. Membership application QMEA Spring 2016 workshop application (1) QMEA Workshop Spring … [Read more…]

Songs to Sing : Singing Songs Workshop September 30th, 2011

Songs to Sing : Singing Songs This workshop, comprised of two plenary sessions with Betty-Jo Christiani and Iwan Edwards, aims to demonstrate why singing is the ideal vehicle for teaching music in any situation: in the generalist or music classroom, during transitions between various activities, within the curriculum, in the instrumental classroom, to teach language, … [Read more…]