Call for nominations for Teacher-of-the-Year 2009

It is with great pride that the QMEA launched the “QMEA Teacher of the Year Award” in 2008. This annual recognition aims to support the work, effort and achievements of colleagues working in music departments in schools across the province. It is the QMEA’s belief that the work of many private teachers is supported by … [Read more…]

The Canadian New Music Network Forum 2009

The Canadian New Music Network (CNMN) presents: FORUM 2009 *Audience Development, Creative Music and Education: Creating The Future* FORUM 2009 will explore ways of using creative music as both an audience development tool and an educational focus. FORUM 2009 will bring together – for the first time – artists, creators and educators in order to … [Read more…]

CMEA E-Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 2

The CMEA/ACME welcomes our membership to this latest installment of the e-newsletter. This publication provides you with information and news from the CMEA/ACME, from provincial MEAs and other music associations. Read more…


The Quebec Music Educators Association is proud to be affiliated with the Canadian Music Educators Association since 1975. Click on the following links to view pages of past QMEA journals that reflect the history of collaboration between the two associations. Canadian Performers Chosen for World Congress, February 1978 Quebec’s Jewel, February 1978 Green Paper … [Read more…]

CMEA E-newsletter Vol. 3 No. 1

With more than six weeks already completed this school year has seen much activity across the country. The province of Ontario is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the newly revised Elementary Curriculum for The Arts (originally released in 1998). When this document is available, teachers will have the balance of this school year to become … [Read more…]

Learning and Evaluation Situations – QMEA Worshop 2008

September 26th, 2008 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Montreal, FACE School 3449 University, room 101 Please click the following link for a more detailed description and the application form. QMEA Learning and evaluation situations workshop 2008 Click here for teacher tools Message from the President Dear Music Colleagues, According to the Ministère de l’Éducation, du … [Read more…]

QMEA on the Canadian Historical Encyclopedia

Quebec Music Educators’ Association (QMEA). An association of English-speaking music educators of Quebec formed in 1968. Its origins date back to 1939 when Irvin Cooper, music supervisor with the Montreal Protestant School Board, gathered together a group of English-speaking music educators then working for the board. The following year an informal association was formed with … [Read more…]